Treating RP: Think of It Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

Written By: ingridricks - Aug• 09•14


Every week I receive three or four emails from people who are suffering from RP and want to know exactly how much my eyesight has benefitted from the acupuncture treatment I receive and the overall diet and lifestyles changes I’ve made.

“Do you really see improvements,” people will ask. “Exactly how much has your vision increased?”

The answer to the first question is ABSOLUTELY. But the second question is hard to answer because it’s not like pulling a string and opening a curtain. The visual improvements I’ve experienced have come in uneven patches — like a jigsaw puzzle that is slowly being dismantled so I can see through the holes where the pieces once were.

Imagine someone holding up a completed 5.000 piece jigsaw puzzle in front of your face. When I first started my eyesight-healing quest, that puzzle had only a few missing pieces in the very center –allowing me to see through that hole. There were also a few missing pieces midway between the center hole and the right and left side borders of the puzzle. The rest of the puzzle was a solid block. Now that puzzle is full of missing pieces. The hole in the center of the puzzle has gotten a little larger. And midway between the center of the puzzle and its right and left side borders, it looks like large sections have been dismantled, enabling me to see clearly in areas that were once blocked. The top of the puzzle is still largely intact, until you get to the top left and right side corners. Those pieces are now missing too—enabling me to see my husband’s entire 6 ‘2 frame if he’s walking to the left or right of me.

I still struggle to get around in the dark or in dim light, and there are still plenty of puzzle pieces blocking sections of my daytime vision. But the improvements I’ve experienced have been life changing for me. I no longer feel like a powerless victim waiting for this disease to strike again and take what’s left. I’ve taken charge of my eye health and now know I can effectively fight back and protect what’s mine.

The key, at least for me, has been adopting a holistic health approach that includes a combination of naturopathy and acupuncture.

  • I’ve revamped my diet – including daily green juicing, eliminating processed foods as much as possible and reducing my coffee intake
  • I’ve upped my cardio workout routine
  • I’ve reduced my stress
  • I’ve let go of negative energy
  • I’ve increased my intake of antioxidants and other key nutrients
  • I’ve adopted daily eye exercises and acupressure
  • I incorporate daily micro-current stimulation
  • I undergo periodic acupuncture and laser light therapy treatments designed specifically to treat RP

The acupuncture treatment is key for me. But it’s still only one critical piece of my overall eye health strategy. I’ve learned that if I want to save my eyesight, most of the work is up to me.


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  1. BELINDA says:

    Hi Ingrid,
    This is absolutely BRILLIANT news as I have been following your blog on a regular basis. Just curious as to exactly what supplements you take and the quantity involved. Do you take fish oil for the DHA factor?
    Kind Regards,

    • ingridricks says:

      Hi Belinda,

      Thanks for your note. OKay – here’s what I take on a daily basis:

      Astaxanthin: 12 mg
      Fish Oil supplements (I think 500 mg…can’t remember)
      Lutein and Zexanthin in a mixed formula (not sure of the dosage)
      Vitamin D – 5,000 MG (I live in Seattle and tend to be deficient)
      I usually take TUDCA as well.. which I order in capsule form on the Internet. I recently ran out and need to re order.
      MSM drops – two a day

      Hope this helps. Best – Ingrid

  2. Kathryn List says:

    Dear Ingrid,
    I just finished reading Hippie Boy and loved it. I understand your mother was from Graz, Austria. Although I am from the Detroit area I have lived in Graz for almost 28 years. And my husband was born here about a year after your mother’s birth. Is there anything I can do here to bring a piece of your mother’s heritage to you? I would be happy to take pictures of locations you might have heard of from her or look anything up in the archives.
    Graz is a beautiful city and I know your mother left because of the terrible events of that time. I also know people who were active in the resistance.

    My daughter will be doing her first treatment with Andy Rosenfarb in November so we have been following your blog. Thank you so much for writing so clearly about your experience. It helps..

    All the best,

    • ingridricks says:

      Wow Kathryn –what a wonderful note to find. Thank you for taking the time to read Hippie Boy. And for your amazing offer. I told my mom about it..and she was really touched. Graz really is a beautiful city – it’s been a long time since I’ve been there but I hope to get there with my husband and daughters again in the next couple of years. I don’t need any researched…but if you’ve got a recent picture of the clock tower – send it my way. That’s one of my favorite spots (at least from what I remember). I’m so glad your daughter is going to get treatment with Dr. Rosenfarb. He’s such a great guy and has been helping a lot of people here.


      P.S. When I make it back there, would love to meet for coffee.

  3. Alysa S. says:

    This was such a great, clear description of the results of all you’ve done- and continue to do for your eyesight. Thanks for sharing it – not only because I think it will be very helpful to those who’ve asked you what to expect or hope for, but also so that all of us rooting for you can understand even better the progress you’ve made on this journey (besides the inner changes, as well, of course). Keep on going. All the best, as always!

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