FFB Spokesperson Shares Thoughts/Experience with Acupuncture

Written By: ingridricks - Oct• 01•14

Fame & Fashion photo with kids october 2013I was immediately fascinated when I heard April Lufriu’s story because of her role as a national spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB).

April’s involvement with FFB goes back to 2007, when she started doing vision walks to raise money and awareness that she hoped would help find a cure for her sister’s RP. Then, in 2010, she learned that she also suffered from RP, and that her son and daughter did as well.

While April’s RP is fairly moderate, her son Brandon—now fifteen—suffers from the aggressive X-linked form of RP that affects males. Devastated to learn the news and determined to help her children save their eyesight, she stepped up her involvement with FFB and became a national spokesperson for the foundation after winning the prestigious Mrs. America pageant in 2012.

April’s determination to fight this disease “at every angle” recently led to her try acupuncture for her son. Now, along with continuing to work alongside FFB to fight for a cure, she’s sharing her family’s acupuncture experience in hopes that it will help others battling RP know that there’s something they can do TODAY to help their eyesight.

Here is April’s story—in her words.

IR: How did you become the national spokesperson for the Foundation Fighting Blindness?

April: After I was crowned Mrs. America 2012, the Foundation Fighting Blindness offered me the prestigious title because of the notoriety & national spotlight I was receiving being Mrs. America. Then I proceeded to win the Mrs. World title just eight months later, which catapulted me into a larger spotlight. My mission was to raise awareness for Retinitis Pigmentosa as well as raise funds for research to find a cure. Even though my reigns are over, my fight continues!!

IR:  What made you decide to give Dr. Rosenfarb’s acupuncture treatment a try?

April: After hearing a testimony from a client’s employee who has been seeing Dr. Andy Rosenfarb for nine to ten years, I was convinced his treatments were working because she is still able to drive and function normally with Usher’s Syndrome. I was so baffled by this news that I had to learn more.

IR: I know your son has undergone two week-long treatments with Dr. Rosenfarb over this past year. What benefits, if any, has he experienced? And what has it meant for you, as his mother?

April: The true test was my recognition of knowing and seeing that Dr. Rosenfarb’s treatments were working on my son. A mother’s test of knowing her children is the ultimate test. On the third day of the first round of treatments, my son mentioned that he could style his hair in the mirror without his contacts or glasses. He couldn’t do that before. During the second round of treatments, my son was amazed that his central vision at night showed a glimpse of his surroundings that he could not see before at night. When my son visited his ophthalmologist one month after the first round of treatments, the doctor was amazed how his acuity improved from 20/80 to 20/50 & 20/60. Our doctor could never before correct my son’s vision with corrective lenses to that degree.

IR: For so long, it’s felt like a big divide between the Foundation Fighting Blindness and the acupuncture/holistic health approach to treating RP. It’s so upsetting to me that those of us struggling with RP continue to be told that there is nothing we can do to halt the progression of our disease or improve our eyesight — when so many of us are discovering otherwise. I think that if we are going to beat this disease, both sides have to work together on an integrated health approach that combines acupuncture, diet, lifestyle and other holistic treatments with stem cell research, gene therapies and other exciting advancements. Can you share your thoughts on this?

April: Many people are skeptical…..I was one of them. However, I can only speak for the improvements I see with my son. I do know that my son only being 15 years old will have more improvements than someone older. I can’t say for sure, but with him being so young his body has responded immensely. My sister has had improvements, but not to the degree of my son. I always mention to others that ask about acupuncture that the risks are beyond minimal and there is nothing to lose. I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did knowing I am fighting RP at every angle. I am also continuing to fight alongside the Foundation Fighting Blindness to find the cure to eradicate this disease.

IR: As someone who is fighting this disease from both ends of the spectrum, what advice do you have for people struggling with RP?

April: The best of advice I can give people is to take a chance on the treatments and testimonies you are hearing from other patients receiving the acupuncture treatments. Look at the amount of people that travel far distances to see Dr. Andy Rosenfarb. That speaks volumes!!! You don’t know until you try…………..I never assume anything in life. See for yourself.


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  1. Alysa S. says:

    Thanks once again for sharing this information. All the best to you, April, and her family.

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