Acupuncture Treatment Round 4

Written By: ingridricks - Nov• 22•14

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I just wrapped up a week of treatment with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, my fourth round since I started his acupuncture treatment a year ago.

What was most remarkable about this week is how it started. In the past, I’ve come every three- to three-and-a-half months and have always experienced a slide in my vision between treatments. This time, I stretched it out five months between visits and for the first time, I maintained ALL of the progress I’ve made during previous visits without any sort of setback.

I’m sure diet, lifestyle, eye exercises and positive attitude all play a part in this. But in addition, I’ve upped my use of the MicroStim unit (micro-current stimulation) to two times a day and have started taking folic acid thanks to my dad, who sells his own brand of vitamins and minerals and has been telling me repeatedly that I NEED fulvic acid and other minerals in my diet. I’m not sure if these two things were the tipping factors maintenance wise, but since something’s working, I’m going to keep at it (I’ll do posts on both micro-current stimulation and folic acid/minerals over the next couple of weeks.)

My end-of-treatment test results pretty much mirrored my starting tests. I feel like I’m entering a maintenance phase with my eyesight—which I’m completely fine with if I can continue to hold onto the gains I’ve made and maintain my remaining vision from here on out. And I’m hopeful that if I keep doing everything I’m doing, I will.

Before I log off, I want to give a shout out to all of the amazing people I’ve met throughout my Determined to See quest, people I now feel fortunate to call my friends. It was wonderful to reconnect with a few of you this week, and to finally talk face to face with those of you I’ve only known through email or social media

Knowing that so many of us are fighting this fight together is empowering.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving next week. Here’s to our health, our family, our friends, and living fully in the Now.

P.S. I posted the picture of my family because I wanted you all to meet them…and because they are the biggest reason I am DETERMINED TO SEE.



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  1. Dalith says:

    Hi, thanks so much for sharing. I wait anxiously for your posts .
    I will be starting a session of acupuncture here in Israel with
    A colleague of dr rosenfarb and hopefully will
    Feel the same as you.
    You have a beautiful family!

    • ingridricks says:

      Thanks, Dalith. and good luck. I’ve heard great things about him. Please keep me posted on how your treatments go. Sending all of my best energy your way. xo -Ingrid

  2. Kathryn List says:

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Ingrid! What a delight to meet you in person. And what a beautiful family you have. The camaraderie in Andy Rosenfarb’s office is such a joy. One wonders if all his patients are so cool. Maybe coolness is a part of this disease. Who knew?

    • ingridricks says:


      It was so great to finally meet you and Olivia and spend a little time together. We’ve all been enjoying the Graz book…making plans for our visit a year and a half from now. Thank you:) Can’t wait to meet up with you and your family there..and to buy you a beer at the OTHER office. Wishing all of you an amazing Thanksgiving and remaining visit. And I’m with you…extremely cool people who end up in Andy’s office. I think it’s part the disease, part the determination that we all share.

  3. Alysa S. says:

    Oh Ingrid, what wonderful news!!! Congratulations and All the best to you! Yay!!

  4. Marié-Josée Idiart says:

    So Happy for you. I think I Will start using my Microstim machine again. How much dégrée of peripheral vison do you have ? I went to my ophtalmologist last week and I have 20 degree left but they have found my gene so I’m Happy about That.

    • ingridricks says:

      Hey Marie-Josee,

      My mid to outer periphery has opened considerably –but my central core is still sma11. I have about 10 degrees each right and left, but only three or four degrees top and bottom. Then I have a doughut of blindness all the way around out until about the 55 degree mark — then my periphery is wide open all the way to 100 degrees. What has really opened up for me is the mid/outer periphery… my cental has opened up a few degrees but is still really tight. I definitely think it’s worth using the micro current stimulation unit as a means to preserve vision.

  5. Jana Cauldwell says:

    Hi Ingrid,
    Great to always hear your progress and always so encouraging. Thank you for always sharing. Would you by any chance know how I can go about purchasing a Microstim unit in South Africa???

  6. mary baker says:

    I have been doing the eye massage and pressure points and am wondering if yoga…head stands and shoulder stands might also help bring more blood to the head. I plan to continue to do that as well.

    • ingridricks says:

      That’s interesting, Mary. I have no idea but it definitely sounds like it would increase blood flow to the eyes. You should ask Gail Brent about it when you see her..and then please report back. Best – Ingrid

  7. Keane H says:

    Always great to read your positive comments Ingrid and you continue to be an inspiration. I have started using your acupressure advice and am enjoying it.

  8. Cary says:

    Hey Ingrid,
    Thanks for such a great website. I am curious about the acupuncture procedure and trying to figure out if I should east to Dr Rosenfarb or West to Gail Brent. My vision is still highly function-able and I would love to see if acupuncture gives me benefits.
    thanks and happy holidays

    • ingridricks says:

      Hey Cary,

      Thanks for your note. I think you are in good hands either way but I would call them both, talk with them and then decide. I’ve compiled a list of other eye acupuncturists (there are a few others in the US) that I’ve listed on this website. I don’t have personal experience with them, but you could also call them and then make a decision from there.

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