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Written By: ingridricks - Mar• 11•15


Having regained some eyesight over the past two years, I’m convinced that we have the power to save and improve our vision. The question is, what we are willing to do to save it?

For me, the answer has and continues to be a complete shift in lifestyle and mindset.

I get messages every week from people who are looking for answers to RP. I don’t have that magic solution. All I know is what’s been helping me: a combination of green juicing and all around healthy eating choices (except for on Friday evenings), daily cardio exercises, regular eye exercises and meditation, reduced stress, acupuncture and a POSITIVE attitude that includes believing with every part of my being that I will continue to see.

I’ve been reading a great book called You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter. It focuses on the mind/body connection and the power—backed up by neuroscience—of the beliefs we hold and the stories we tell ourselves. So many of us have been told by retinal specialists and official eye-focused organizations that there is no hope or cure for RP. It’s easy to let that message take us down and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. But what if we changed it around? What if choose instead to believe that our bodies can heal themselves if we give them the nourishment and help they need?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve realized that I’ve been missing balance in my life and have focused too much energy on my eyesight and healing quest. So to find that balance, I’m taking a step back from emails and phone calls and plan to spend more time just enjoying life.

This is a challenge to all of you to join Jeanne and me in our eye health quest. I know many of you are already doing personal experiments with lifestyle changes and whole body health. We’d love you to share your experiences with us in the Determined to See Facebook group.

Let’s make NOW the time that we all take charge of our eye health. Ingrid



Healthcare is a personal choice. It doesn’t belong to your doctor, to your friends or to your family; it belongs to you. You choose how to live and what feels right for you – and only you know (in your heart, in your gut) those answers.

As Ingrid and I go down this road of a less stressful, more positive approach to preserving our sight, I have noticed some remarkable changes. These are real life measures. Distinguishing the purple from the brown yoga mat, walking solo to the restroom in a darkened restaurant. Even managing dinner prep without every light in the house turned on bright!

Not only is acupuncture helping to foster this feel good approach, attitude plays a big role too. The confidence of making your own choices, the strength and courage of your inner voice (good cop, bad cop!) and a conscious decision to just feel better about every day and what you CAN see as opposed to what you can’t.

I have my own good reading to add to your list: Healing Back Pain by John Sarno. No I don’t have back issues — and the title is a little misleading as the concept is, like Ingrid’s read, all about the mind/body connection. How our minds control the onset and placement of pain and resolute in the theory that pain is just a roadblock to something your conscious brain does not want to acknowledge.

My acupuncturist trotted out an intriguing theory this week. There is a saying that pain is 90% fear —  can that knowledge be applied to visual impairment as well? Food for thought.

I echo Ingrid’s sentiments regarding a healthy lifestyle (with the occasional steak and martini thrown in for good measure), lots of physical activity (take a walk!) and, once more for good measure, a very positive outlook. Make some changes – and send us your thoughts and results. The world throws curve balls – let’s field them with grace and aplomb and as much goodwill and humor as possible!  – Jeanne



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  1. Phil Reid says:

    I am glad you are starting to reach sensible conclusions. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and responds well to positive suggestions, either from your inner voice, or from alternative therapists that you have paid well to deliver the message. The theatrics of placing needles in your skin, and the high fees charged for the priveledge, combine to convice you that you are feeling (or even seeing) better. Good luck with your future endeavours.

  2. Alysa S. says:

    Some very interesting thoughts and ideas here. Thank you for sharing them, and continued luck to you guys on your journey.

  3. jena says:

    i think we need to make a statistics about life style background duch as exercising, food source, and psychological condition most of the time for the patient.

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