RP – The Brighter Side

Written By: Jeanne Aufmuth - Jun• 11•15

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We’re all familiar with the downsides of our disease – not only are we forced to regularly rehash it but we live it day in and day out. It’s challenging at best and downright depressing at it’s worst.

As Ingrid and I move through our journey towards healthier sight we have discovered much about the positive effects of whole body acupuncture, a nutritious diet and the power of positive thinking. My mother taught me that Attitude is King – as elemental to healthy living as diet and exercise. Over the course of the last year in particular I have strived to look at the bright side of my RP – in a word #everycloudhasasilverlining.

By turning your back on the inevitable downs its remarkable how many ups there can be to visual impairment. Bear with me while I list just a few.

  1. I feel thirty-five in every way that counts. But – to my surprise – I don’t get disagreements or expressions of surprise when I mention that I’m actually fifty-nine. They can see my wrinkles but I cannot. Increasing lack of contrast means a smooth and youthful visage looking back at me every day of the week. What’s not to love about forever young?
  1. You can’t clean what you can’t see. Dust bunnies, cutting board crumbs and food stains do not exist if I can’t see them, Thus I live happily content in my perpetually “clean” house.
  1. Designated driver. Not only can I not see at night I don’t even drive. It’s up to someone else to get me there, allow me to indulge in guilt-free cocktails and get me back home. Now that’s a sweet deal!
  1. Navy or black? Purple or brown? Push those mystery socks into a pile and let someone else do the sorting! And no one likes triangular burn marks on their dress shirts so it’s sayonara to ironing!
  1. Public bathrooms. Don’t tell me I can’t use that larger, cleaner, oft-vacant stall; I’m handicapped whether I look it or not!
  1. I’m often lauded for my bold style choices. My secret? Can’t see if that subtle stripe clashes with the muted plaid so I mix and match with voguish abandon!

Let’s get out there and look on the bright side. Turn RP on its ear – or better yet fully re-brand it as Riproaringly Positive!


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  1. Diana Irvin says:

    I LIKE the Riproaringly Positive!!!

  2. This is a great way to approach things! And at least you have an excuse for the last one….I just go a little too crazy with mismatched patterns…. 🙂

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