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Written By: Jeanne Aufmuth - Jul• 20•15

eye art post

Eyes and art enjoy a long and storied history and why not – the eyes are the windows of the soul. What better inspiration for the creative mind than attempting to capture the eye’s shrouded and brooding mystery?

When my youngest child went off to college, I started tackling that long list of dreams that were not fully realized. One of those was art – though I could barely draw a stick figure. I’d heard the rumors that an artist lives inside all of us and decided to see for myself.

My beginnings were sketchy- no pun intended. I started with watercolor and when I tired of that medium (not edgy enough) I moved to collage which satisfied my passion for all things paper. From there I decided to take my iPad for a spin and voila I discovered my oeuvre!

What started as doodles naturally segued to eyes – always on the forefront of my mind. In turn that blossomed into a thriving pillow business yet always with an emphasis on the enigmatic eye.

Like me, I assume you are preoccupied with your eyes. This post is rather self-serving as I don’t have the answers or hot RP tips. Except to declare that art is a pristinely cathartic skill for taking one’s mind off of the daily struggles of our affliction. A focus outside yourself and into a unique form created from imagination and folly.

The iPad offers brilliant apps both intuitive and challenging. As an added bonus it is crisply colorful, very well lit and compact enough that your art and ideas are ever at your side. Give it a try!

As a way to encourage myself to continue creating I’ve crafted a new instagram page dedicated to the fruits of my labor. Not only can I share my vision; it encourages me to keep “painting”, keep persevering and to make something beautiful out of the incessant negativity of visual impairment.

Follow my artistic journey on instagram at @eyewillartistry

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  1. Alysa S. says:

    I think this post was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I so admire Ingrid and the other contributors here for their supportive and helpful advice, and for getting out there and daring to live and heal. But I also think a post like this is so necessary. In the midst of saving oneself, being healthy, and enjoying life, it shows a WAY to enjoy that life, and, spiritually, a way to find peace and maybe some healing. I also love the practical side of it, how you mention that the iPad apps are colorful and well-lit, so that visual impairment isn’t as much of an obstacle as people might think. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and these tips and ideas. (I would also say that for those who don’t have access to an iPad or other Apple products, there are alternatives out there, too, of course – anyone can do a Google search for art software compatible with a PC or other device and see where it takes them.) All the best to you and thanks again for this great piece.

    • Jeanne Aufmuth says:

      Alysa – thanks much for reading and for your considerate response. i agree that there are many constructive responses to dealing with the negatives and endless ways to continue to enjoy life!

  2. DG says:

    Amazing what we have locked inside of us without even knowing! I’ve always been ‘obsessed’ with eyes, lenses, cameras, etc. even before I knew my eyes would make my life so difficult down the road. I’m an artist who’s been taking quite a break, and recently discovered that I can no longer do the fine detailed work I used to enjoy. Things like stringing small beads, threading a needle, achieving perfect contrast in photos I adjust on a computer, etc. I make do by focusing instead on other arts and crafts, since I like a LOT of stuff. There’s a panoply of artistic things I can and do enjoy (thankfully).

    Your art on IG is quite fabulous! And I love those cute eyeball sockettes 😉
    I’ll be keeping an ‘eye’ on your posts and progress from now on 😉

    • Jeanne Aufmuth says:

      Art is the best — so much fun to draw and create and get lost in a craft. Thanks much for following my artistic journey in IG and continue to enjoy your own artistic pursuits!


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