Retinitis Pigmentosa Resource Guide

Written By: ingridricks - Jun• 26•13

Since starting my eyesight-healing quest four months ago, I’ve discovered numerous resources and alternative treatment options for people determined to conquer Retinitis Pigmentosa..

Below, in no particular order, is a list of the resources that have empowered me and are helping me in this journey. (I’ll continue to add to this guide over the course of this year).


A former junk food addict (and big-time lover of coffee and wine), I’m now convinced that what we eat has a HUGE impact on our overall eye health.  And as a result, I am now a big green juicing advocate.

Here are some great websites & documentaries focused on diet and disease:


I’ve also learned that whole body health is key to eye health – which means staying physically fit and reducing stress. Meditation and exercise are bothl key.

  • Jillian Michael’s Ripped In 30 – I LOVE THIS WORKOUT. It’s definitely helping me with core body strengthening and stress reduction
  • Natural Eye Care: I love this website because it offers a comprehensive diet and lifestyle resource guide for RP, including free acupressure/eye exercises.



  • For background info and RP studies – click here
  • To purchase powder form on Amazon – click here
  • To purchase capsule form from Dr. Andy Rosenfarb – click here

Orange Algae From Israel

Note: According to Dr. Rosenfarb, the dosage used in the RP study was 80 milligrams a day – which means purchasing two boxes.

TCM/Naturopaths Specializing in RP Treatment


If you know of other great resources to add to this list, please send them my way:  Thank you!!!


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  1. Alysa S. says:

    You’ve done so much since starting this site – what a good idea to break it all down like this. You’ve created a really helpful resource! All the best to you, as always.

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