Healing my Eyesight from RP: My Journey to Date

Written By: ingridricks - Jul• 09•13

It’s been five months since I first started out on my eyesight-healing quest and a lot has changed in terms of my healing strategy.

happiness-withinIn the beginning, I thought it would revolve entirely around acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I’m a big believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The benefits of acupuncture for the treatment of RP were recently proven in a Johns Hopkins Study utilizing a treatment protocol developed by Dr. Andy Rosenfarb. But what I’ve realized for myself is that acupuncture can be only one part of my healing journey, and that ultimately the responsibility and power to heal my eyesight has to rest with me.

I’m going to resume acupuncture in September. In the meantime, I’m using this summer as a test to see how everything I’m doing on my own impacts my eye health.


I know I keep saying this, but I really believe that diet is the most critical component in eye health. I now start each day with a glass of filtered water, followed by a 12-ounce glass of green juice (three big kale leaves, two celery stocks, one cucumber and one green apple). I limit my coffee intake to one eight-ounce mocha each day and avoid processed foods whenever possible. I also eat lots of greens and salmon and consume very little meat. 

My daughter, Syd - my morning workout partner.

My daughter, Syd – my morning workout partner.Exercise


I walk about a mile and a half each day and do Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30 workout at least five days a week to strengthen my body core.

Acupressure/Eye Exercises

Each morning I spend 20-25 minutes doing acupressure and eye exercises while drinking my green juice and trying to relax and meditate.


I’ve been taking TUDCA (first powder form, now capsule form) for the past two months.

Orange Algae

I’ve been taking algae from Israel for three weeks

Bilberry & Omega 3 Fish Oil  

I take both of these daily


So How Is My Eyesight Doing Five Months In? Small, But Noticeable Improvements

I don’t have official tests to prove this. My last trip to a retinal specialist cost $1,200 (which I’m still paying off), so I won’t go back for another round of tests until February. But here’s what I’ve noticed to date:

  • My central core of clear 20/20 vision remains small. I estimate that I have about five degrees total from top to bottom and maybe seven or eight degrees from side to side.
  • The vision in my mid-periphery has expanded and has become more clear. I’ve always had a band of blurry vision in my mid periphery. But that band is expanding significantly both width and length. When I walk with my husband, I can now see his entire body (feet to head) next to me. I can also see the tips of my feet when I walk, along with the tops of my shoulders when I turn my head.
  • I have fewer problems with glare. Glare used to be a huge issue for me. I used to have to turn off the ceiling light in my office and work with the desk lamp to keep the glare from hurting my eyes. Now I can work with the ceiling light on – no problem.
  • My night vision is still non-existent. I also still struggle with adaptation when I go from light to dim surroundings.

I know I’ve got a long way to go. But I’m thrilled about my progress to date. I’m now convinced I can halt the progression of this disease and even bring back some of my eyesight. And if I can do that, I’ve won big time.


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  1. Laura Novak says:

    Great progress report. Congrats on thinking this through and then reporting on it. Your methods will help a great many people…especially as you reveal your results. Keep us posted!!

  2. Alysa S. says:

    This is so interesting, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this – I feel like it’s another element of a truly valuable guide, and an honest, unbiased test. It’s wonderful to see those in the world. All the best to you, as always.

  3. You’re working hard and I’m so happy to hear you’re seeing positive changes!

  4. PG says:

    Thanks for sharing your progress. I’m in my late-40s, was diagnosed with RP about 4 years ago. I too am committed to trying everything and anything sensible to arrest the progress of the disease while I can still function as sighted.

    One thing I’ve got to overcome is being disciplined about getting sleep. I always feel compelled to cram as much as I can into each day. But I’ve got to learn that it will be all there tomorrow and get to bed.

    I’m curious about where you get the Orange Algae (what supplier)?

    • ingridricks says:

      Thanks for connecting, PG. IF you click on my RP Treatment Resource Guide I just posted under pages, you can get all the info on the orange algae. Best, Ingrid

  5. Dalith says:

    Thanks so much for sharing.., I heard about the orange algae recently, would you please tell me where I can buy it. I actually live in Israel but wasn’t aware that they are selling it. I thought it was still being studied..
    Your response would be greatly appreciated


    • ingridricks says:

      Thanks for your note, Daith. I just posted an RP Treatment Resource Guide in my top menu. If you click on that, It will give you the info on the algae and other things… Best, Ingrid

  6. patrick hendron says:

    Cannabinoids CBD & THC for RP
    Or use FAAH inhibitors loads of flavinoids.

  7. mokh says:

    Can you tell us your progress after 2 years??

    • ingridricks says:

      I see more in my mid periphery and outer periphery — a lot more. However, I have a donut of blindness around my central core that hasn’t really budged. I don’t know if that will ever change. But I am convinced that if I keep stick with my holistic health approach — diet, lifestyle, emotional health, attitude, exercise and acupuncture — I will always be able to see. Hope this helps.

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