Dr. Rosenfarb Acupuncture Treatment Round 3 Results

Written By: ingridricks - Jun• 30•14

acupunctureI just wrapped up my third treatment session with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb and am holding strong in terms of the bench line gains I made after my first treatment in December. I always slide a little between treatments, but rebound after my five-day stint.  This time, though, there were two interesting developments:

  •  My right side central core visual field has expanded to 19 degrees—which is remarkable because when I started in December, I had only TWO degrees.  What I see is not super clear – more of a black shade verses the white square that I see in my very central core. But it’s there. My blind spot then kicks in at that point but I’m able to start seeing again  (this time more clearly) at around the 45-degree mark in my right side and it carries all the way through to around 90 degrees.  (My top and bottom central core are still very limited and haven’t budged much.)
  •  My near side visual acuity has slipped a little. When I was in treatment in March, I managed to get it to 20/40 It’s now 20/63 until Dr. Rosenfarb suggested I put on my reading glasses.  Then I was able to get it to 20/32.  And that’s when I discovered something else: that the reading glasses (125 strength) make everything sharper and brighter —including that blind fog in my lower central vision.

Both Dr. Rosenfarb and I got a laugh out of this. “I’m thinking you need to go your eyes checked for prescription glasses,” he said. “You know, when you get to be over 40….”

Aside from the drug store reading glasses that I’ve rarely used, I’ve never worn glasses and haven’t been to an ophthalmologist to have my eyes checked for prescription needs since I was diagnosed with RP in 2004.  I’ve only been to retinal specialists and at least for now, I’ve written them off. But after this treatment round, I’ve realized the importance of having regular eye care visits with an ophthalmologist who can track non-RP related issues going on with my eyes that may be easily correctable.

So this week, I’m on the hunt for a cool, forward-thinking ophthalmologist in Seattle.  If you happen to know one, please send his or her info my way.

Below are the results from my third round of treatment with Dr. Rosenfarb – compared with where my eyesight was at when I started my first treatment on December 2, 2013.  The improvement have been gradual but when I see them next to each other, it’ amazes me.  As my dad always says: By the mile it’s a trial; by the yard it’s hard; but by the inch, it’s a cinch.  I’m getting there—an inch at a time.


Visual Fields 

Right Side Horizontal:

  • December 2, 2013: Central Core: 0-2degrees   Outer Periphery: 50 – 80 degrees
  • June 27, 2014: Central Core: 0-19 degrees   Outer Periphery: 45 – 90 degrees

Left Side Horizontal:

  • December 2, 2013: Central Core: 0 – 6 degrees   Outer Periphery: 80 – 90 degrees
  •  June 27, 2014: Central Core: 0 – 10 degrees   Outer Periphery: 70 – 90 degrees

Right Side Vertical Top

  • December 2, 2013: 0-4 degrees
  •  June 27, 2014: 0-8 degrees

Left Side Vertical Top

  • December 2, 2013: 0-6 degrees
  • June 27, 2014: 0-7 degrees


Right Side Vertical Bottom

  • December 2, 2013: Central Core: 0-3 degrees   Outer Periphery: 80 – 90 degrees
  • June 27, 2-14: Central Core: 0-7 degrees   Outer Periphery: 55 – 105 degrees

Left Side Vertical Bottom

  • Central Core: 0-3 degrees   Outer Periphery:  70-90 degrees
  • Central Core: 0-8 degrees   Outer Periphery:  60-100 degrees

Visual Acuity Far

  • December 2, 2013: 20/40
  • June 27, 2014: 20/25

Visual Acuity Near

  • December 2, 2013: 20/80
  • June 27, 2014 : 20/63 (20/32 with 125 strength reading glasses-



Note: This test measures ability to differentiate colors

  • December 2, 2013: 6 out of 9 cards correct
  • June 27, 2014: 9 out of 9 cards correct



Note: This test measures ability to pick up color as it fades

  • December 2, 2013: 7 out of 8 lines
  • June 27, 2014: 8 out of 8 lines



 Note: This is a machine like the ones used by retinal specialists, only it stops at 30 degrees vs. 90 degrees.  I did notice that my gains slipped a little this time around. After my first treatment, I could see 8 dots flash in one eye, 9 in other eye. This round I could see 7 dots flash in each eye.


Left Eye:

  • December 2, 2013: I saw two dots flash
  • June 27, 2014: I saw seven dots flash

 Right Eye:

  • Before Treatment: I saw three dots flash
  • After Treatment: I saw seven dots flash


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  1. Alysa S. says:

    Oh Ingrid, I finished this with happy tears in my eyes! How wonderful! I am so happy for you – and how funny about the fact that you might just need regular old glasses to help you a bit, too! Thanks for sharing your results and for giving me a boost in my day. All the best to you, as always, and good luck finding your dream ophthalmologist in Seattle!

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