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Healing Our Eyesight – A Total TCM Approach

Lately I’ve been concentrating on healing myself from the inside out—with an emphasis on self-love and healthy lifestyle choices. And Lee Huang, my Seattle acupuncturist, is focused on the same thing. Lee, who worked as an eye surgeon in China before moving to the U.S. and immersing herself in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is passionate about […]

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Ask the Expert – Acupuncture & Retinitis Pigmentosa

I’m starting a new Ask the Expert feature on this blog where practitioners who use naturopathy, acupuncture and other integrated health therapies to treat RP will answer your questions. My first Guest Expert is Dr. Andy Rosenfarb, who specializes in treating RP and other degenerative eye conditions with acupuncture and naturopathy. Question: If people suffering from RP start acupuncture […]

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The Benefits of Astaxanthin & MSM Drops: Dr. Rosenfarb Explains

A lot of you have expressed interest in learning more about the possible benefits of Astaxanthin & MSM drops for the treatment of RP. So I asked Dr. Andy Rosenfarb if he could help us out. Can you tell us what Astaxanthin is and how it might benefit RP patients? Dr. Rosenfarb: Scientists have studied the most […]

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